I. register re‧gis‧ter 1 [ˈredʒstə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
an official list containing the names of all the people, organizations etc of a particular type:

• The Secretary of State maintains a register of those who have been disqualified from being company directors.

ˈcharges ˌregister also ˌregister of ˈcharges
LAW in Britain, a record of all the charge S on a company's assets (= the money that it owes on loans for property etc), kept at the company's registered office
ˈcompanies ˌregister also ˌregister of ˈcompanies LAW
the official list of the companies in a country, with the names of their directors, records of their accounts, and any charge S on their assets
diˈrectors ˌregister also ˌregister of diˈrectors
LAW FINANCE in Britain, the official list of the director S of a company, which must by law be sent to the Registrar of Companies
ˈLand ˌCharges ˌRegister also ˈCharges ˌRegister PROPERTY LAW
in Britain, a record kept by the land registry of the charge S on a property such as an unpaid loan, or of any restrictions to the deed S of the property
ˌLloyd's ˈRegister also ˌLloyd's ˌRegister of ˈShipping trademark TRANSPORT
a list, produced every year, which puts all non-military ships into groups according to their type and size and gives other information about them
ˈmembers ˌregister also ˌregister of ˈmembers FINANCE
another name for share register
ˈproperty ˌregister also Property Register PROPERTY LAW
in Britain, a document in which details are recorded about a property which has been registered (= entered in an official list) with the land registry
proˈprietorship ˌregister also Proprietorship Register PROPERTY LAW
in Britain, a document in which details are recorded about the owner of a property and the price paid for it, as registered (= entered in an official list) with the land registry
ˈshare ˌregister also ˈshareholders ˌregister, ˈmembers ˌregister FINANCE
an official list of the shareholders in a company, held at the company's main office
ˈtransfer ˌregister also ˌregister of ˈtransfers
FINANCE a book in which changes in who owns a company's shares are recorded — see also cash register
  [m0] II. register register 2 verb [transitive]
1. to record a name or details about someone or something in an official list:

• Transfers of shares will not normally be registered after the close of business on the record date.

register be registered (as something)

• people who are registered as unemployed

register somebody/​something for something

• Are you registered for VAT?

register somebody/​something with something

• A new share issue must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

2. to show or record an amount:

• Hays Allen registered a 2.7% drop in fee income to £6.8 million for the year to 30 April.

* * *

register UK US /ˈredʒɪstər/ verb
[I or T] to put information, especially the name of someone or something, on an official list or record: »

Bids may be registered 24 hours a day.


to register a car/company/domain name

register as sth »

Investment advisers may need to register as brokers.


In the UK, a business is required to register for VAT.

register (sb/sth) with sth »

Hedge-fund managers must register the commission under the terms of the 1940 Investment Advisers Act.

[I or T] to record or show a measurement, an amount, etc.: »

The built-in telephone line has registered 50 calls daily.


During the period under review, the company registered a 30% decline in gross profit.

[T] COMMUNICATIONS when you register a letter or package, you send it by mail using a special service, so that it will be dealt with in a special way and not be lost: »

I'd like to register this parcel, please.


a registered letter

[T] to show your opinion or interest formally or officially: »

The engineering arm of the company is said to have registered an interest by the bid deadline.

register UK US /ˈredʒɪstər/ noun [C]
a book or record containing an official list of names, items, etc.: »

a central/national register

guest/visitors' register »

All visitors to the company are asked to sign the visitors' register.


Issuing companies keep a register of bondholders.

See also CASH REGISTER(Cf. ↑cash register), CHARGES REGISTER(Cf. ↑charges register), COMPANIES REGISTER(Cf. ↑companies register), DIRECTORS' REGISTER(Cf. ↑directors' register), LAND CHARGES REGISTER(Cf. ↑Land Charges Register), LLOYD'S REGISTER(Cf. ↑Lloyd's Register), MEMBERS' REGISTER(Cf. ↑members' register), PROPERTY REGISTER(Cf. ↑property register), PROPRIETORSHIP REGISTER(Cf. ↑proprietorship register), REGISTER OF CHARGES(Cf. ↑register of charges), REGISTER OF COMPANIES(Cf. ↑register of companies), REGISTER OF DIRECTORS(Cf. ↑register of directors), REGISTER OF DIRECTORS' INTERESTS(Cf. ↑register of directors' interests), REGISTER OF MEMBERS(Cf. ↑register of members), REGISTER OF TRANSFERS(Cf. ↑register of transfers), SHARE REGISTER(Cf. ↑share register), SHAREHOLDERS' REGISTER(Cf. ↑shareholders' register), TRANSFERS REGISTER(Cf. ↑transfers register)

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